Pre-populate Attributes During Permit Application


I’ve tried adding Linked Attributes to the Job design such as links to:

NSG - Type 11

but only a few of attribute detail get populated in the permit application.

Could a resource be provided showing which attributes currently get populated.
what attributes in the job are required for this to work?
does the graph type need to be something other than “Lookup” ?
Do the job attributes need to be named something specific?

Hi Howard, adding custom link attributes to the job design won’t impact the permit application in this way I’m afraid. The link attributes need to be standard (so we know where exactly to pull the data from). Currently the attributes that are pre-populated are:

  • USRN (Stage 1): if the Job’s parent is an asset which is network referenced to a NSG Street
  • Works Location (Geometry) (Stage 1): taken from the Job geometry
  • Works Location Types (Stage 1): taken from the Job (the job needs the Street Manager Location Assignable interface) attributes_streetManagerLocationAssignableLocationTypes
  • Works Location Description (Stage 1): taken from the Job (the job needs the Street Manager Location Assignable interface) attributes_streetManagerLocationAssignableLocationDescription
  • Highways Authority (Stage 2) - the HA of the selected Street
  • Promoter Organisation (Stage 2) - taken from your Street Manager details
  • Workstream (Stage 2) - if you are only assigned to one SM Workstream
  • Secondary Contact Info (Stage 2): from the Workstream details configured in SM
  • Works Description (Stage 3): pre-populate with the job description attributes_tasksDescription
  • Start date, Start time (Stage 4): pre-populated with attributes_tasksStartTime if not null, else attributes_tasksEstimatedStartTime
  • End date, End time (Stage 4): pre-populated with attributes_tasksCompletionTime if not null, else attributes_tasksEstimatedEndTime
  • Permit conditions (Stage 5): NCT01a, NCT01b, NCT11a are always mandatory and pre-populated

We’ll create a ticket to get the help updated, in the meantime, if you still need a little more help please do get in touch with Support

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