Parent-child relationships - linking assets to other assets

I have a number of asset designs which I’m trying to link together which I can’t seem to make work. With the following scenarios, is it possible to:

  1. Link an asset to another asset within the same design? eg we have our planning applications loaded within Alloy as assets. We would like to be able to link the applications for technical approval to their complementary original application for planning permission.
  2. Link an asset to another asset of a different design? eg we would like our planning applications to be the parents of drainage features within them.

Hi Chris,

You could do this by adding Link attributes to your parent design, that link to the child design. It is possible to do this to the same design, making the design refer to itself.

There is a help article for creating link attributes here: Link Attribute - Alloy User Guide

Hope this helps?

Ah got it, didn’t consider it could be an attribute linked to itself.

That has worked really well.