Component designs

i Want to create a component designs which i have made, but im not sure from there on how it is being linked to another asset. so say i have a layer which is for my parks, how would i link items to that park e.g. bins linked to the park.

I would created a link attribute on the parks design, linking to bins. Then the park items will become the parent of the bins.

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Hi! Howard is correct that you need to create a link attribute from your parent to the child component, one other thing to do is to ensure the graph type of the link is set to “Component” so that it will appear in component graph visualisations.

Hi Howard/Jonathan

Thank you both , much appreciated, works perfect :slight_smile:



i have asset designs already in the system , rather than redoing these as component designs , can i just add the asset component interface or are there any other differences ?

There are differences between the two interfaces, so if you wanted to remove the Asset Heads interface from a design and replace it will the Asset Components interface, you’ll end up with fewer attributes available on the design than you had before. I’ve included shots of the two lists below:


You won’t be able to remove the Asset Heads interface from your designs if these attributes have already been populated in some of the items, you’ll need to clear these values from the items beforehand if that’s the case.

Alloy will allow you to set the design to implement both interfaces at the same time, creating some sort of hybrid design, but we wouldn’t recommend this as you may end up with some strange behaviour in the web frontend.