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hi i have the job interface open which i am trying to add attribute to this which ive circled in the attached in blue. these are from a picklist design which are in each job design. Rather than going to each job design and selecting these fields. ( so say i had 3 different job design i would need to add in the attribute for each one so id have 9 columns on my attribute table). How would i get from the interface to the picklist so i avoid have loads of columns if that makes sense ?

so i just end up with 3 attributes?


Hi Phil, sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Just so I can understand this a bit better, you’re saying you’ve added those attributes as custom attributes on the Job Interface or are they added individually to each job design? If they are on the interface, they would be shared across all of your job designs and therefore would only be 3 columns on this view instead of 9 (or 3 times the number of job designs you have).

Hi Jonathan

There currently not on the job interface as an attribute but on the separate job designs.

Hi Phil,

Sorry, I think I misread your first message. Adding attributes to Interfaces is effectively the same as adding them to Designs, just that instead of opening the Design, you open the Interface by searching in Interfaces then Jobs.


First to change your search context to Interfaces


The Jobs Interface will have an Attributes Tab, just like Designs. The action menu will let you add an attribute.

Attributes added there should show up on all job designs :+1:

hi jonathan

I have added the job location design into the highway interface as a lookup.

I am looking at the data explorer, I have got up the highway jobs interface and now want to add in the location description which I’ve just added to the interface. this is still not bringing up anything

Hi Phil,

After adding the Location Description attribute to the Interface, it effectively becomes a new attribute, you’ll have to populate that attribute with data from the existing Design Attributes. You’ll also have to update any Item Forms you have built for those Designs.

It looks like here you’re looking at the Design Attribute in the right hand panel but have added the Interface Attribute as a column to your query.

The best way to update all your jobs to copy the information over would be to set up a manual trigger workflow that sets the Interface Attributes to the values of the Design Attributes you want to consolidate and pass in all of your Job Items.

hi jonathan

do you have an example on how that would work , not going to lie not sure how id do that


i thought if i start from the design , relate to the interface and then edit the attribute it would work but dont think it does


thank johnathan , sorted this now

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That’s great to hear, glad it’s all sorted!