Auto Update atribute field with another asset

is there a way to create a virtual field , so if i have a township attribute i want to automatically be filled on creation of a defect or asset. could this be done through the AQS attribute ?

Hi @phillgeorgiou,

There are a number of ways to achieve this.

If you want the defect or asset that is being created to have a copy of the value from the township then you could use a workflow that makes use of the Create trigger to copy the value from a connected item. More info on workflows here: Workflows - Alloy User Guide

Alternatively if you don’t need to query on the data and simply want to display information alongside the Defect or Asset without adding more attributes you can do this with the AQS Query control on the stencil. More info on stencil builder here: Stencil Builder - Alloy User Guide

Both approaches have their pros and cons but the important thing to decide is will you need to query on this information later. Hope that helps :wave:t3: