Join attributes from parent in Statistics Query

We have a statistics query attached to a card which we are using as a dashboard, this tell us all the open inspections we have to undertake, these inspections are tied to parent assets.

I have the same set up as a Saved Query joining the inspection to the parent asset and pulling in attributes from the parent such as the location and type of site.

How do I set up the statistics query to show the same attributes when it is clicked on from the card?

Hi @chrisbram, we have an upcoming feature which will allow join attributes to be defined on all query types e.g. Query & Statistics. This means you will be able to create card queries using the existing process but when defining the query in AQS Builder you will have the option to set Join Attributes on the root. This will allow you to join the parent asset in your case. When opened in Data Explorer it will then pull these in.

This feature is currently on our Staging environment and should be available with the next Alloy release.

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