Populating USRN on permit aplications

When issuing a permit from an asset layer that isnt the gazetteer requires a network link to a gazetteer entry with the USRN.

Which works.

However, we have sections that are linked to multiple streets. and if they are network linked to those streets which all look valid.

All looks well, but on creating a permit, it populates the first entry, so if this is the wrong one, you have to manually enter the other one.

It would be nice to have a picker that shows the 2 valid entries, rather than 1,000’s of other streets unrelated to the section.

Hi Carl, thanks for taking the time to raise this. Glad to see you are making use of the Street Manager integration.

The picker includes all NSG streets in your system, then we default the selection for you to make data entry quicker. In this case, however, the ‘first’ parent NSG network may not be the right one as you outlined.

I don’t think we’d want to completely restrict the possible USRNs in the list as this may be limiting to other use cases, however, adding some toggle to filter to only the NSG Streets associated with the job would be useful in this case. Please feel free to raise an idea over at https://ideas.alloyapp.io/


A toggle sounds like the best idea.

If its the wrong entry we don’t want people Appling for permits on the wrong street.

We can populate 94% of our sections to match the gazetteer perfectly , so it should only occasionally be the case where they need to use the picker tool.

And it would be better to have NO value, than a wrong value, then at least they know they have to populate it.




While we wait this is an official workaround.

if somebody ticks a job to say it needs a permit, which we are already doing, we will know in advance that it has either 0 or many matches ( for the 5% ) of the network this affects.

So we can in the Backoffice, using the plotted job geometry and the possible streets attached to the section, identify which it should be.