Add internal alloy ID to a tabular report output

I have a list of jobs, and would like to create a report that outputs the unique alloy ID of the street that it’s attached to via a custom report.

The item ID on the report only seems to tally to the job, and there doesn’t appear to be an option to export the street’s itemid as well.

If you wanted any other property from the street, you could add a join attribute (click attributes, navigate to the street design, pick attribute), but you can’t get the itemid of the street this way sadly!

This can be done using more datasources however! You can add a second data source querying for streets which have tasksAssignable with any equal to the results of the jobs query data source (see here). Then add a join data source, and join the itemid header from the jobs with the tasksAssignable header from the streets datasource in an inner join.

Building a report document on that join datasource will let you pick any id or attribute from the joined streets and jobs.

The reason for the extra condition on streets as opposed to querying for all streets is to reduce the number of results to only those needed to join to the jobs; otherwise the total number of streets queried will cause the report to take a long time to run, or just be abandoned because there is too much data in the streets datasource!