Creating Inspection from custom card - Warning

When creating an inspection from a custom card, the Create Item panel shows a yellow warning saying “It is recommended to create inspections from the activities module”

Having tested this, when I create an inspection from our custom card, the inspection is created with the status “Proposed” but the “Raised Time” is not set. When I create a similar inspection from the default Activities card and the status is also set to “Proposed” but this time the Raised Time is set.

Why is there this difference in how Alloy behaves?

Hi Chris, great question.

Without trying to go into too much detail, essentially the logic to set the Raised Time applies only when creating through the activities module (card) as it uses what we call the Extended API. This is an additional layer of logic on well-known items like Inspections, Defects, Jobs, and Job Work Items, where we can do calculations (like Job costs) and set dynamic dates. That’s why the recommendation appears. Proposed is just a default static value which is set wherever you create this from.

We are in the process of changing this, so this additional logic applies no matter where you create a Job from - even custom cards. If you want to track our change, please feel free to raise an idea in our ideas portal ( and we can link your ticket to this piece of work.

In the meantime, you could create a workflow to set the Raised Time automatically if that’s how you wanted to create them. I hope this helps

Hi! Just a quick update on this, the behaviour around the two different routes for creating inspections has now changed and no matter where you create inspections from, the same logic will be applied, such as populating Raised Time

That’s great, thanks for the update.