Alloy May 2022 Update

We’re excited to announce this month’s Alloy update! This release will be applied during the evening of May 5th. In this post, we’ll have a look at the highlights included in this release. For a full list of all changes included in this release, have a look at the Alloy Changelog.

New Item Audit Navigation

We’re excited to present the new navigation feature we have added to Item Audit logs. This enhancement will allow you to quickly flick through the audit history of an item and see the before and after for the change side by side.

We hope this will be a welcome change but let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Pre-populate Attributes During Permit Application

A change made in this release will improve the usability of the Street Manager Apply for Works process. Any available existing information will be automatically pre-populated in the form during the application process.

This includes details such as USRN, Works location, Workstream, Works description, Start and End Dates & Times and Permit conditions.

Creation of Manual Trigger Workflows

Workflows have always been triggered through an action carried out on one or more items of a specified design or interface, or by a pre-determined schedule. This new feature allows for Workflows to be created that will be triggered through a manual process. Further enhancements will follow in later releases to allow more use of these manual triggers, including the ability to trigger them from an item directly. When creating the workflow, you will need to define a design or interface that will determine the root node of the workflow. In the future, when triggering a manual workflow, one or more items will need to be passed to the workflow through an AQS query.

Timestamped Photos

Photos taken through Alloy Mobile can now have the local date and time stamp burnt into them. This is particularly useful for evidencing Defects or the completion of Jobs. This is optional and can be found in the settings menu.

Link Attribute Picker

A new ‘Selected’ tab has been added to Alloy Mobile. This tab allows you to quickly filter the list by items that have already been selected, instead of having to scroll through long lists of unselected items. This feature is available on both Android and iOS.

Settings UI Update

Another change made in Alloy Mobile in this release is an update to the UI used in the settings menu. With the addition of more items in this menu, we have categorised the available options to make finding the setting you require a bit easier.

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