Alloy March 2022 Update

Welcome to the first release update through our new in-app notifications widget! This month’s release holds a bunch of great new features and updates. All these new features will be available in the evening of March 31st (GMT).

Google Street View Stencil Control

A new stencil control has been added in this release. It takes a geometry attribute as a parameter and displays an image of the respective area taken from Google Street View. Clicking the image will open a new tab and take you to the Google Street View application and navigate to the area displayed.

Error Message Suggested Articles

It’s always frustrating running into errors, we hope with this new feature, we can make it easier to find answers to what’s causing the issue.

The error message window has been updated to provide you with links to suggested articles on the Alloy Community site.

By the way, have you had a look at Community yet?

Alloy Community

The error message will search community for any articles that include the supplied error code, sharing solutions others have found or official guidance from the Alloy team on how to resolve your issue.

If you still need the full details of the error message response, simply click the code button in the top right of the message to view the full error message or click the bottom button to copy everything to the clipboard.

All the Data Explorer Tabs

Are you the type of person who loves to have all the tabs you need open and to be able to quickly change and switch between them? If so, we’ve made the Data Explorer much easier for you. A small but significant change in this update is the addition of a couple of scroll buttons in the top right hand corner, allowing you to scroll along the tab bar.

Clone Custom Reports

Ever created a great report, then realise you need to create another one that is almost identical apart from one small change? This new feature makes that simple to achieve. Custom Reports can now be cloned, creating another report with the same configuration but with a different name. This avoids having to re-create the second report from scratch to match the first.

SHP File Export

We’re adding a new option when exporting data from the Data Explorer, not only can you get your data in a .csv file, but now you’ll be able to get your data as a .shp file too. When exporting data, you’ll now be presented with an extra option in the modal to select SHP file type.

The export will create a .zip file to contain the multiple files that are associated with this data type.

What about everything else?

With our change to this new format of celebrating our releases, you may be asking: “What about all the other changes you’ve made?” If you’d like to get a full list of all our changes in this release, do head over to our changelog.

Alloy Changelog

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