Update field on item referencing CSV file

Hi All,

I am trying to get Alloy to read a CSV file which will be placed in Alloy’s directory which contains two columns, a UPRN and a tax reference number.

The idea is that the UPRN matches with an item within an NLPG design which will then update a field on the item with the tax reference number.

I am unsure how best I could get Alloy to read the CSV file, match the NLPG item via the UPRN and then update a tax reference number field on the item with the one in the CSV doc. This would need to happen on a daily basis (schedule).

Unsure if this is possible via a workflow or API


Hi there,

If the daily quantities are relatively low I would recommend building a script to do this and interacting directly with the API. To find the premise using the UPRN number you would need to perform an AQS query to get the itemId of the UPRN and also the signature, you will need both of these to perform an update on the premise. Once you have the premise itemId and signature you can then perform a put request on the individual item with a payload containing the attribute to update and its value.
For our API details please refer to our swagger documentation - Swagger UI
You can also use our gateway function to perform this update, more information on gateway imports can be found in our help system - Gateway | Alloy Help. This import via gateway could also be automated via our API.

Hoping this will help you start the process. If you are new to Alloy and looking to utilise our API more, it may be worth getting a training session booked in with one of our consultants.