Mobile - Way to view multiple jobs

Our operatives have said that if they are issued a lot of jobs (subjobs for a master)
It is time consuming to scroll through the list to find the relevant job for the specific asset a)is there any scope to improve the filter option on Alloy Mobile to be able to search for job types for example. b) is there an option in map view similar to Web where if you select an asset, the list of jobs appear

Hi Ryan, you can’t at the moment although I’ve seen you’ve raised an idea for it (Ability to filter by job type | Alloy Ideas Portal) - thanks for that. Some use projects to group certain work together but I understand this doesn’t always work for everyone. Operatives can also sort jobs by Distance - this will mean the relevant job is top of their list.

For point B, if you open any asset on mobile you will see a list of Jobs on the Jobs card