QR codes linked to asset to bring up inspection


we are looking to use a QR codes for our vehicle checks , i haven’t made the design for it yet but how would we link a QR code so when you scan it it brings up a check assigned to that asset .

so each vehicle would be an asset, how would be assign a QR code llinked to that vehicle to bring up an inspection.


This is an interesting topic. The QR code can only be linked with one item id and therefore will only be the asset or the inspection. Linking it directly to the Asset would be sensible as the user will be able to navigate to an inspections easily or raise an inspection directly via the asset.
You could look at using an inspection item id but as the item id will need to stay the same, the inspection would need to be reset via a workflow once it is marked as “Completed” and sync’d.

Hope this helps

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I think Andy is on the right track here, the consistent id you will have is the assets item id, so you could embed that ID into the QR code e.g. https://uk.alloyapp.io/#/item/637f427e33ab1303901ec2c6?signature=637f42b462cfdd038a2671d1, users would then navigate to the “inspections” tab and click create inspection.

At this time we don’t have a way to deep link directly to a form to create something new, but this could be an interesting idea to follow up with so suggest adding it to our ideas portal https://ideas.alloyapp.io/