Item Form Expressions


I’m looking for more documentation on item form expressions apart from here

I’d like to know what “properties” are valid for each node type.

For example, how is a LiteralString node defined?

“id”: “string1”,
“type”: “LiteralString”,
“properties”: {}

The link above only shows examples for GlobalBoolean and FinalString.

Hey Howard,

Unfortunately we don’t have an article out in our help documenting all the possible properties just at this time.

The good news is we shortly will (our tech author has these on his radar) and in even further good news we are working towards the UI builder for this area (so you won’t need to learn the JSON models).

In the meantime if you want to go ahead anyway I’m sure we can organize the current internal docs to be made available, they may just be quite technical.

Good job taking the plunge in this feature though :clap:

I’d be very happy to see those docs. Nothing wrong with them being technical.