Item Form Expressions


I’m looking for more documentation on item form expressions apart from here

I’d like to know what “properties” are valid for each node type.

For example, how is a LiteralString node defined?

“id”: “string1”,
“type”: “LiteralString”,
“properties”: {}

The link above only shows examples for GlobalBoolean and FinalString.

Hey Howard,

Unfortunately we don’t have an article out in our help documenting all the possible properties just at this time.

The good news is we shortly will (our tech author has these on his radar) and in even further good news we are working towards the UI builder for this area (so you won’t need to learn the JSON models).

In the meantime if you want to go ahead anyway I’m sure we can organize the current internal docs to be made available, they may just be quite technical.

Good job taking the plunge in this feature though :clap:

I’d be very happy to see those docs. Nothing wrong with them being technical.

Hey @HowardRanyard apologies this has taken a while, I got a little sidetracked, this is a pdf of the markdown documentation so may have reformatted it slightly but it should aid you, any questions then let us know.



Sorry but I was looking for information regarding the item form expressions.
Not the item form controls

Hi Howard,

Sorry for the delay in getting this to you, I’ve taken some pages from our internal documentation and combined them into this PDF, we’ll look to get the help article updated as well to include a few more examples:


Hi Jonathan

I’ve been using your PDF technical write up which has helped quite a bit to formulate the right properties of each of my nodes. Having pushed expressions into my form (via the API), my form now isn’t loading. Do you have any suggestions of how to debug it?

If this were a workflow, I could call up the logs but there’s nothing similar for forms, I’ve tried looking at the Network results via DevTools but can’t see anything through that either.

I fixed it. I found that when pushing via the API I had removed the “Show on Create/Edit” options and removed the tags too. This meant it wasn’t showing up. My form now shows up.

The question does however remain as my expression isn’t evaluating properly therefore how do I check where it’s going wrong?