E1522277654 After sanitising localName, cannot be null or empty


Indicates that the api tried to construct a Guc (Globally Unique Code) e.g. designs_myCustomDesign and it does not have a valid local name.

A Guc is made of 3 parts <feature>_<local name>_<unique id>, the first 2 being required. When a Guc is created from data you have entered, if the property used to generate the code does not include alpha numeric characters from 0-9A-Za-z then it will fail to generate a local name.

Help me resolve this

Make sure you use an alpha numeric character from 0-9A-Za-z if you are providing information to the API directly or via a client. Spaces and characters outside of this range will be cleaned when generating a code.

This is commonly seen with Title or Name form fields on the web or mobile clients.

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