E1521989056 Attribute is required and was not specified


This error code indicates that the item you’re creating/editing has a required attribute (named in the error message), which needs a value to continue.

False error

If the error appears unexpectedly when trying to create a new job in Alloy Web, after selecting Step 7 - Work items, it’s a false error!

It’s triggered by the presence of a required attribute on the design of the job you’re creating, even if you do supply a value for it in Step 4 - Enter job details. This is due to new behind-the-scenes validation logic introduced in the February 2023 Update.

We’re working to address this issue in an upcoming update.

Help me resolve this

Ensure a value is entered for the named attribute.

If you’re experiencing the false error, you can safely ignore it and proceed to add your job work items.

Alternatively, if the false error is causing confusion amongst your users, a workaround is to:

  1. Edit the job’s design and disable the Required property of the named attribute.

  2. Create an item form for the job’s design and enable the Required property for the attribute’s control. To learn about item forms, see Alloy Help.

This avoids the false error while still requiring users to populate the attribute when creating/editing items in Alloy Web.

However, bear in mind that the condition won’t be imposed on workflows or the API.