Sending different message for each item from a query

Just experimenting - lets say I have a query which returns 3 items with Titles ‘Def1’, ‘Def2’ and ‘Def3’.
I want to send 1 message for each item and for each message, the body should be the item’s Title. So message 1 would have body ‘Def1’ and message 2 would have body ‘Def2’ etc.
But if I link the message body to the output of the query, I end up with 3 identical messages where the body is ‘Def1, Def2, Def3’.
What am I doing wrong?


I’m afraid there isn’t a way of achieving this at the moment. We are, however, continuously working on our Workflow system to improve it. I’ve gone ahead and raised an associated Idea for you on our ideas portal and have changed the title to reflect the probable change we would put in place: Option for Workflow Actions to Affect Each Item | Alloy Ideas Portal. Please do let me know directly if this is a problem.

Please do keep an eye on that idea for any updates. :+1:


I’ve just noticed you raised it my colleagues name, not mine! :smiley:

Yikes! Sorry about that, I’ve amended the record now. :man_facepalming: