Send Report Documents Via Workflow Email


I have a custom report that runs on creation of an item. I have managed to make the the Report Documents a linked items but would prefer them to be attachments, but I get an error while trying to save (not upon clicking validate).

In action designs_workflowMessageAction, the virtual attribute for link parameter attributes_workflowMessageActionEmailAttachment does not link to the correct dodi designs_files. It links to designInterfaces_reportDocuments

Could anybody help with a method to get the report documents attached please.

Hi Howard,

I have a feeling your relation node to the generated report files is not pointing at the right place. Before your email action, you need to relate from the report to the actual files that are created, then use the output of that relation node in your email attachments action attribute.

For example, I’ve got a simple workflow here that runs a report on a schedule and emails the result:

I’ve highlighted the Relation node here which navigates from the report to the files. The path you need to follow in Pathfinder is this:

That should let you save your message node if you set the attachment link to the item generated by the relation node. Let me know how that goes :+1:

You were correct, my relation node was to Report Documents, instead of File Report Documents.
My workflow now emails me a single PDF report output.

As a side note, It would seem the report must only output one file.
Multiple files (HTML and PDF) or multiple reports documents and I don’t receive any email.

Hmm, that should still work, I’ve just tried it myself and I get both files (HTML and PDF) as attachments outputted from an report. Are you sure there isn’t something else at play that may be blocking the email such as an incoming email filter that blocks emails over a certain size?

I will try with multiple files from a smaller report and let you know.