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I’m trying to create a workflow for Japanese knotweed which , based of a inspection design we have it needs to create an asset which creates a project for that site , which then raises a job in that project.

is anyone able to help , ive set up workflows which have failed and i cant think of a way to do it ?

so ive done filter based on the inspection design = treatment required to an asset then ive no idea what node would come after that to get to create a project then create a job in that project.

any ideas would help


Generally speaking you will want:

The key part is using the output from the intermediate actions “New Asset” and “New Project” to be the parents for the “New Job” so it becomes a job of the asset and a part of the project.

If you’re still having difficulty I suggest reaching out to our support team who would be happy to help :slight_smile:


You can achieve this by creating a workflow with three create nodes, though the sequence might be a little different. There are a couple ways of doing it, I tend to create Asset, Job then Project at the end, but you could create the project first then create the job, you just set different options.

Here’s the workflow I created, it triggers on edit of a Japanese Knotweed Inspection and only listens to the Treatment Required attribute.

Then, as you’ve done, I filter for only inspections where Treatment Required is set to Yes.

I then create the Asset using a create node. In this case, it’s an asset called Japanese Knotweed Outbreak. As part of that, I’m setting the Geometry to inherit from the triggering inspection, and I’m setting that triggering inspection as the tasks associated with that Asset.

I’m then creating the job to rectify the outbreak, in this example, it’s called Example Job, as part of the creation, it sets the new Asset as the job’s Parent (through the Tasks attribute).


Finally, I’m creating the project, setting the tasks for that project to be result of the preceeding Job Creation Node.

Hope that helps!

hi both

thank you so much that works perfect, i should be naming the workflows after you’s haha

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