Can we branch a workflow based on the items design code?

Is it possible to to retrieve the design code given the item id, using AQS syntax?
This would be useful in Workflows, where we want to Trigger based on a Create event on the generic Interface (e.g. Inspections interface), but then branch depending on the particular design that implements the interface (i.e., a specific inspection design).

Hi There!

It’s possible to add filter actions, with a query that is simply against the design you wish for a particular branch, and add the specific actions for that branch to the relevant filter node.

You may also consider instead creating additional multiple workflows, each triggering on those specific design codes, using the trigger conditions on create/edit/attributes to ensure those workflows do not conflict if run at the same time when they need to for example edit the same item.

Thanks for the response. I will try to apply the 1st option as the 2nd is what I am trying to avoid.

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