Manual Workflow from Another Workflow

Could an example be provided for including manual workflows within other workflows.

My current testing lead me to a process like the following:

  1. Create a Design with the “designInterfaces_workflowManualTrigger” Interface. e.g. “Design_WorkflowActionName”
  2. Create a manual workflow, which uses the above design as it “parametersDesignCode”
  3. Using the API, Edit the manual workflow trigger to include the new “OutputActionId”
  "name": "Manual Workflow",
  "enabled": true,
  "trigger": {
        "dodiCode": "designs_manualworkflow",
        "outputMode": "OneItem",
        "parametersDesignCode": "Design_WorkflowActionName", # The design from step one
        "discriminator": "ManualTrigger",
        "OutputActionId" : "655bb12ebc4f253d663e1520"  # The action in your workflow to pass back to the origin workflow
  "signature": "6101f0179f1b68016c83dba7"
  1. Using the API, Add an action to your existing workflow with the actionDesignCode of the design created in step one.
{'actionDesignCode': 'Design_WorkflowActionName', # New manual trigger design from step 1
 'ancestorId': '755aa4204b7c8538eb50b81d',  # actionId of the workflow node to stem from
 'parameters': [], 
'signature': '655bb433b653f3bd8b4278f9'}