Item form expression to hide attribute not evaluating/working

One of our assets has a number of dimension attributes - diameter, width, height etc. along with a Shape attribute. I am trying to build an expression in my Item Form that hides the width/height attributes when Shape = Circular and hide diameter when Shape =/= Circular.

I’ve been following new item form expressions help pages, mainly looking to recreate this:

I have built the following expression. The Global Alloy ID Array is taken from the “Culvert Shape Value” attribute. I have built an AQS Literal as below which returns the “Circular” culvert shape item and the String Literal is the Alloy ID of the “Circular” culvert shape item.

For some reason however, the expression builder will not let me replace the link from the AQS Literal to the Equals conditional (yes I did remove the link to the String literal); it will only let me link the String literal to the Equals conditional.

Hi Chris,

Apologies in the delay in getting back to you on this, what would make this work is if you used a Alloy ID Array literal to represent the B side of the Equals Conditional. The reasoning you may not have seen them previously is that the Alloy ID literal and the Alloy ID Array literal were added in our last release on Aug 31st.

That should work for you, let me know if you run into any other issues.

Hi Jonathan

Yes I did see this when it came out but I didn’t realise this was just a picker of all Alloy items. I’ve selected the one I need and the form now works properly.

Thanks very much,

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How would I expand this to check an attribute is any of a select set of values?

I have tried using the Alloy ID Array literal and selecting the three values required but then this only resolves when all three are selected, not just a single option.

Instead, I’ve tried building using checking of each one but I can’t work out how to effectively make an “any” condition. I’ve tried using many “OR” conditions but this doesn’t seem to work.