Importing csv data into excel

I put on the ideas portal about when exporting Alloy date/time and then adding it to Excel the format was difficult to change and times where not UK time.

Someone responded suggesting that if you use the CSV import feature in excel it sorts this out. I see it removes the Z and T from the data but I can’t seem to correct the time format.

Numerous google searches hasn’t led me to answer that resolves this.

Any help on this matter would be much appreciated.

Hi Mark,

Excel should be applying your timezone information as part of the import from .csv into the Excel table. This is governed by your timezone settings in Windows, so there’s a chance your timezone is set incorrectly.

I’ve tried importing the below example csv file into Excel and it’s correctly applying the 1hr offset for Daylight Savings Time here in the UK.

This is the source csv file

and this is what Excel interprets after importing the csv