Community Guidelines

Welcome to a place to discuss Alloy. Please follow the community guidelines to make this an informative, collaborative and safe space to discuss absolutely everything Alloy.


When we say “everything Alloy” we mean it but we already have dedicated channels for some requests, if they fall into the categories below then please use these channels:


  1. Title posts as concisely and clearly as possible
  2. Write new posts in a suitable category
  3. Use tags to make finding posts for other users easier
  4. Format your descriptions nicely, use formatting or links to explain details to help others help you
  5. Add to posts if you think it positively improves the discussion


  1. Be negative, always look to improve topics
  2. Post sensitive user information e.g. username, first/last name, password
  3. Post passwords, session tokens or API keys
  4. Post with reference to customers, always abstract the post in this case e.g. “Customer X wants to…” becomes “Can a customer…”
  5. Ask another/continued question, use another post to keep things focused

This post is a work in progress, please check back for updates to community guidelines.