Calling Alloy users! Give product feedback by joining our research panel

Hello :wave:,

Calling all of the awesome people using Alloy to get stuff done!

We’re continuously working to improve the experience you have when using our products and would like to involve more of you in this process.

Join our research panel and we will occasionally reach out to you to understand current frustrations and test new experiences.

Below is a quick overview of some things we may invite you to if you put your name down.

Usability test

You would be asked to complete a specific set of tasks for us to observe and measure the functional effectiveness of the product. It’s the software and our ideas being tested here, not your ability, so no pressure! :sweat_smile:


Interviews are a particularly useful way for us to understand you better, your job role, the challenges you face and how you use our products to get work done.


We may send you a survey from time to time. Surveys are a great way for you to share your experiences with us, giving us insights that help to steer us in the right direction. We may ask you about yourself and your job role, ask you to rate Alloy with some usability focused questions or show you some designs and ask you which you prefer and why.

Interested in participating? Please sign up below!

:link: :face_with_monocle: Join our research panel

  • Your name and details will be stored in a list so we can contact you later.

  • We may contact you by inviting you to a session, interview or sending you a link to a survey.

  • You can always opt out or decline any invitation by replying and letting us know.

You may have already taken part in usability tests, surveys, or feedback interviews with us after being contacted directly in the past. This has helped us to make meaningful, impactful improvements.

Thanks for reading this, we appreciate your time.


happy to join product research panel

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