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i am building a workflow for a defect that create an inspection. i need to change the colour of the inspection if an attribute equals a certain item. i have tried doing this off the creation of inspection node where if the item = a certain attribute item to edit the colour and change it to orange.

i have tried doing this off a separate workflow that goes from update/creation of the inspection the filters the attribute then change colour.

i have also tried a different on that goes from the defect-relates to inspection -filter-edit.

we do have some that were set up for our waste system whcih ive tried replicating but no luck

or does it take a while to kick in

no luck with either haha.

any ideas ?

on the second image the last node of the workflow is change the symbol and colour, the symbol changes on the tablet but the colour doesnt

Hi @phillgeorgiou, are you looking at the results through an Alloy Layer? If you have specified a colour for the layer then this colour will take priority. Try clicking on the item that you believe will have its icon changed to see it in the right hand panel.

If this still isn’t working, then I recommend using the workflow run log to see what actually happened when your workflow kicks off. This should be able to tell you what series of events happened. Workflow logs | Alloy Help

hi @cmcnicholas we are trying to get the colour to change on the tablet. at the moment it is in the standard blue colour. I have got it to change the symbol on the tablet if the attribute = a certain value when the inspection is made, however it won’t change the colour on the tablet

is the tablet running alloy mobile or the web version?

hi, alloy mobile downloaded from the playstore

There is a setting in mobile which overrides the set colour for tasks and colours them by their status. That might be what’s affecting it on the tablet as it’s set to on by default.

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ahh yes, didn’t see that , that works now haha .

thanks @jonathan-shaw :slight_smile:

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