Use of gps co-ordinate on tablets


is it possible to have the GPS point on the mobile tablet , when it enters a polygon it updates something. so say our vehicles gps enters a certain area it flags this to a person ?


Hi @phillgeorgiou

The person being notified in this example, is this the mobile operative using Alloy mobile or someone say in the office using the web client?

Thanks, Joe

hi Joe

yes would be someone in the office , its more trying to capture the information so we can run reports on it , its just how we capture the gps data when it enters the certain polygon.


Hi @phillgeorgiou ,

For full vehicle telematics, you can integrate Alloy with third-party solutions through the API (Exactrak for example).

There is also some basic device location functionality native to Alloy. The mobile can build up rough historic location trail. This linestring is built up when Alloy is open and will send back on sync. You’ll have to have the module installed to have the designs_locationTrails design. You’ll then create something like a Location of Interest in Alloy and a workflow that compares the trail geometry with the LOI geometries.

Feel free to get in touch with Support or your PM to see if the option is right for you.



thanks joe , i think we may look at a possible integration between our telematics system, as we would want it immediate rather than waiting for a sync to happen

will speak to our PM on this.

thanks for your advice on this .

thank you

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