Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO)

Is anyone using Alloy for managing TROs?
In view of the forthcoming legislation which will make it mandatory to provide all TROs to a central repository (similar to NSG and LLPG), is there a plan for a blueprint and standard integration?

Hi @DavidS,

Great to reconnect with you! I’m unaware of any of our customers currently managing TRO’s in Alloy, would be very interested to speak to those that are though.

Linked to this, our team on the One.Network side are delivering a webinar on DTRO and TTRO management this Thursday (25th April) that you may want to sign up for, click here to sign up.

I’ll leave this one open for a few days and see if the community have any comments.


Thanks Andy. I’ve registered, although I might have to join late due to another commitment. But a colleague is also registering. If I can’t make it I can catch up with the recording.