Mobile (tablet) Syncing issues

Hi there,

From when we first started using Alloy, our inspectors come across syncing issues daily.

The sync fails at different stages, but usually around uploading attachments and downloading tasks, and sometimes kicks us out the app.

It will fail multiple times and usually take up to 10-15 tries to get it to work.

We try work-a-rounds such as switching from UK to Australia server, back to UK before logging in, re-setting (when no work has been ordered in order to not lose data) and syncing with a low amount of jobs raised.

It crashes everyday and has started becoming very time consuming and understandably frustrating for our team.

I am wondering if anyone else has come across these issues or knows a fix?

We use Samsung Galaxy Tab A8’s with ‘Gamma’ Sim Cards - Is it possible it may be a hardware issue? We do also ensure both the tablet and app are up to date frequently.

Any advice or help is massively appreciated so thank you in advance! :slight_smile:



We are having similar issues with Sync delays. Some 20min delays for Highways Inspectors.