Is there an API to extract a list of the user's tasks?

I’ve had a look through both the API and Extended API swaggers and I can’t see it but I wanted to check.

I’m trying to figure out a way of extracting all tasks using Power Automate to be able to put them into our user’s Microsoft Team To-Do list.

Hi Chris, yep you can use the AQS endpoint to query any item data in Alloy we even have articles to help with this, roughly what you want is described by our developer help.

If you want different queries you can use the AQS builder in the web client to create them and open the JSON editor view to copy/paste the query into your script.

Hope that helps.

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I also forgot to mention if you’re dealing with a lot of potential data e.g. reading out thousands of items to populate your to-do lists then you can use our sync endpoint instead which is a little bit more involved but available on the core API and can accept any AQS query


Great, thanks. I’ll look into that in time.

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