Can we limit which blueprint designs are shown and remove unused blueprinted attributes?

The blueprints should be there but not visible in and listings of designs.

They should only be visible when you want to create a design, then they should be visible so you can create a design from them.

We have never managed to use a blueprint as it is, it always needs extra fields, less fields, field types changed etc.

And every time you go into designs the screen is cluttered up with somebody’s idea of what a bus stop design should be, I dont need to see these day to day,


Hey there,

Some good ideas here and these are definitely things we’ve been considering especially with regards to narrowing down lists of designs (and even other alloy features e.g. layers, cards etc.) so that users get the minimum they find useful at a glance with the option to “show all” if needed.

With regards to blueprints out of the box we do realise there is a gap between minimum viable blueprinted design vs what a customer ends up implementing as they can be more specific on a case by case basis. We have some upcoming features that are definitely going to help with hiding fields you don’t want/use especially when they have been blueprinted, keep a look out for product announcements regarding “Item Forms”

Seeing as there are a bunch of ideas here it would be great if you could open these as ideas in our portal It’s usually best to open them individually so they don’t become more complicated connected features as they get reviewed and you will get updates on any progress that happens.

Thanks for taking the time to post on Alloy community :+1: